We believe that empowered mamas who feel seen, heard and uplifted and are guided back to their own intuitive knowing, are key to creating the kind of world we'd all like to live in. We also believe that what enables women to feel this way is having a circle of compassionate sisters around them. We intend to hold sacred spaces for as many women and mothers as possible, to support girls as they transition into womanhood, and to contribute towards changing our cultural narrative and norms around pregnancy, birth and motherhood. 50% of our profit will go into a pot, which you can donate directly to using the button below. Over time it will be used to:

1. Hold sacred spaces for vulnerable mamas and pregnant mamas.

2. Hold sacred spaces for girls coming into their menstruation to explore hopes and fears, empower them with self-knowledge and discover joy and support in coming together as women.

3. Design inspiring, empowering workshops for schoolchildren that connect them with their sacredness and shine a true light on making love, birth, parenting and being in community.

"A woman's experience during pregnancy, birth and postpartum will have a lasting impact on how she feels about herself, how she mothers and the wellbeing of her baby. If we can sow seeds of kindness at the beginning of life, perhaps we can grow a world of love and trust instead of fear and alienation."

Suzanne Arms, Birthing the Future