• Gem


As we enter week 2 of Coronavirus isolation, I'm discovering a place of deep calm as the busyness of my usual life has faded away. It’s as though I’ve given myself permission to simply ‘be’ rather than pushing myself to ‘do’ and achieve. I’m going for more walks, being more present with Leo and my dogs, baking, reading in the bath, swinging in the hammock and creating rituals as part of my Sacred Birthkeeper training. I work only when I feel inspired to and not only enjoy it more, but am far more productive.

There’s some sense of irony in that I have no more time than I had before, but I’m enjoying time more because I’m not wasting it doing something I think I *should* be doing or worrying that I’m not doing enough. I’m present and enjoying moments that might have otherwise passed me by because I was rushing to get things done. I have no idea where I was rushing to get to. Perhaps a place of peace where I could relax... How laughable.

What a gift to realise I’ve had it completely the wrong way around. That if I can relax in the present moment, everything that needs to get done gets done in a much more peaceful, synchronous manner. I’m going to make the rest of this isolation an experiment in being present and doing only that which brings me joy moment to moment. Let’s see where I end up...

One of my favourite moments this week as a mama was enjoying this beautiful sunrise with Leo - his first in fact. What precious moment touched you as a mama this week?