• Gem


Today we celebrate Imbolc, where the snowdrops, first few lambs and lengthening days signify the stirrings of Life as she awakens from her rest. This is a time to shed our old skin. It’s a time of purification, of fertility, of cleansing and renewal on all levels of our being. Much like soil that is prepared ahead of seeds being planted, we too need our internal conditions to be healthy if our intentions are to grow.

This time of year mirrors a woman’s fertility cycle pre-conception. When we consciously choose to conceive, we may detox physically by adopting a healthier diet or by stopping drinking alcohol. What we do less of is cleansing energies that no longer serve us. We hold much in our bodies that causes dis-ease and as women, we hold much in our wombs. Whether from sexual trauma, trauma from previous births, fear, anxiety or a host of other things, when energy gets stuck it makes conceiving more difficult.

In 2017 I had a miscarriage at home - actually in a VW campervan in Durdle Door - and as the reality sunk in that I was losing my baby, I suddenly had such a clear insight as to why. There simply wasn’t space in my womb for a baby to grow. I became aware that trauma I thought I had healed still needed my attention, and the miscarriage proved the perfect way to get it. My realisation didn’t take the physical or emotional pain of losing my baby away, but it did show me the way forwards, and the releasing and healing that took place over the next year paved the way for Leo to be conceived and born.


Imbolc is an invitation to sweep up the debris and make way for the new. What energies are you ready to let go of? What skin are you ready to shed? What seeds would you like to sow for the year ahead?