I can support you to process:     


  • Your experiences, thoughts and feelings related to your pregnancy, birth or mothering journey, particularly where traumatic events played out that haven't yet had the space to be processed

    - Your relationship with yourself and your body

    - How you feel about your baby/child 

    - Your relationships


I will  spiritual traditions of meditation and self-inquiry, circle work, breathwork, movement, dance, ritual, ceremony and our general life experience. In the time that you choose to work with either Gem or Hannah or both of us, we will offer you heartfelt support as best we can to assist you on your unfolding mamahood journey. Our circles, ceremonies and workshops are not however, intended as therapy or as a substitute for therapy. In coming to our events, you agree to take responsibility for yourself and for getting any additional support you may need.

You agree to take responsibility for your physical wellbeing. We offer organic movement and dance practices and will guide you to move only in a way that feels right for you and your body, especially while pregnant. Babes in Sacred Arms cannot be held responsible for any injuries you incur through your movement.

You agree to supervise any child under your care at all times. Babes in Sacred Arms does not supervise children present in the spaces we hold. Each space will be made as safe as possible, however Babes in Sacred Arms cannot be held responsible for accidents that occur as a result of children being present.

You give Babes in Sacred Arms permission to take photos and/or videos of you and/or your child. You grant full rights to use the images resulting from photography/ filming for promotional purposes to help others understand what Babes in Sacred Arms offers. This includes (but is not limited to) the right to use them in ourprinted and online publicity, social media and press releases. Photos and videos will never be taken during times of sharing to ensure privacy and the holding of a safe space. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.


By registering for our events you agree to be added to our email contact list. We will send confirmation and reminder emails for events you book onto - please take a few minutes to read them as they contain useful and sometimes important information. We will also send out emails about upcoming events you may wish to book onto.  You will be free to opt out of the mailing list if you choose to by clicking Unsubscribe at the bottom of our emails.

We will only keep your details on Wix and use them to manage our events and email you. Data collected from answers you give about your wellbeing before and after our events will be kept anonymously and used to create statistical evidence of the efficacy of our offering.

We will not share your details with any other business and will only keep the information we need to run our business. We will delete your information after 7 years or sooner if you ask us to.

At Babes in Sacred Arms we look after your details carefully. We adhere to the requirements of the UK Data Protection Act 1998 and we are compliant with the GDPR policy.

Babes in Sacred Arms collects data under the Legal Basis of “Performance of a contract to which the data subject is party, or to take steps prior to the entering into a contract at the request of the data subject."

You have the right to ask Babes in Sacred Arms in writing, for a copy of all the personal data held about you. This is known as a 'data subject access request'. Upon request, we will collate the data requested and send it to you within the 30 day maximum period as stipulated by GDPR May 2018." To request this, please send an email to:

For more information on GDPR please visit: