Meet Gem (and Leo)

My heart's longing and vision

Sacred Space is an outward expression of the sacred existence I am cultivating for myself and my son. It is the manifestation of my wish to have all aspects of my life synchronise seamlessly, to work in alignment with the laws of nature, and to discover yet deeper reverence, harmony and joy within a sacred community. I'm creating what I've longed for forever but have had to wait until the right time to bring into being. It's taken all of my life experiences to know and convey my heart with the right words and the right form, to distill the infinite into something that feels like home, and to unapologetically stand behind powerful words like sacred, magic and witch.  I've needed to be heated in life's crucible and shaped into the right channel for this vision to flow, with the right intentions, right skills and right love of humanity to keep sculpting it.

I moved to the Herefordshire countryside in 2016, leaving behind a company I founded and a life in London that no longer fit. I was in the midst of a profound healing journey that was opening me to new perspectives, from quantum physics, neuroscience, epigentics and evolution, to mysticism, meditation, lucid dreaming and shamanism. I slowed down enough to start observing nature and how her rhythms, cycles and relationships teach us so much about our own. I touched the indescribable power of women gathering, sharing our stories and honouring the women who came before us. I was inspired by myths, poetry, music and art. And I reconnected with our own land's indigenous ways, forgotten but not lost.


The definition of success I long-held as a belief that I need to achieve externally has been replaced with a knowing that I succeed when I remember who I am and express that self into the world. I succeed when I acknowledge and welcome back the parts of myself I've hidden. I succeed when I allow others to see them. When I keep opening my heart, even as fear seeks to close it. When I keep breathing, even when life feels too much. When I trust that Life always has my back, even if it doesn't feel like it. Success to me now means being able to identify and ask for what I need, say no as much as much as I say yes, forgive myself for being a mistake-making human, hold myself in discomfort, feel my pain, express my anger, move toward joy and belly laugh until my sides hurt. Success means trusting myself unequivocally.


The vision I hold is of a beautiful place, a sacred place, where women gather to do our work, where men gather to do theirs, where the children safely play and explore, and where we all gather together to grieve, to celebrate and to dream in a new way to live. I've trained to lead women's circles with the Wild Woman Project, have training and personal experience in trauma, shame and abuse, and have almost finished training with the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury as a Sacred Birthkeeper, a custodian of the cycle of birth, death and transformation. I'm opening up my home as a Sacred Sanctuary in which to hold Sacred Space, and trust the vision to unfold organically from here, step by step, piece by piece, moment by moment.

Witch Time

You cannot take the witch

Out of the woman.

You cannot strip the soul

Out of the sky.

You cannot justify the countless reasons

That you did the things you did,

And we are past the point

Of needing to know why.

For a body cannot claim

What is immortal.

A story does not end

When breathing stops.

The resonance of life

That holds the mystery,

Carries every one of us

You thought you'd lost.

For the witches are returning

And remembering

That the soul of women

Cannot be destroyed,

The awakening accelerating wildly,

Is the coming home

To potency denied.

Because Gaia in her urgency is calling.

Because life knows everything is on the line.

Because evolution calls us to remembering

Who we are

And what lives through us

When we thrive.

So the melody of womanhood

Is rising

The drum of our awakened heart

Is loud

The knowing that we're here to serve

Is healing

The path ahead is one

Of naked love.

So my sisters we are here to raise the dead.

To resurrect outrageous truth and power.

To understand that those that lived within us

Still bring the magic,

The knowing

And the fire.

For alchemy is happening to and through us

As our blood unlocks the keys to natures codes

And our femininity is charged with holding

The restoration of the sacred natural world.

Claire Dubois

©2020 Sacred Space by Gem