Ceremonies & Rituals

Connecting to our deepest self

Life is in constant motion; everything comes and goes, and without ceremony and ritual it slips through our fingers. The group and private ceremonies that I hold are spaces in which to pause, journey deep within ourselves, and return to the world changed with treasure in our hands. They take us beyond the everyday, enabling us to focus on what really matters by reaching places where words cannot go. The symbolic rituals within a ceremony help us to access, process and integrate our thoughts, feelings and experiences, and to honour life's rites of passage and key moments. Ceremonies have the power to be truly transformational.

Current Ceremonies

Presently I am only offering private ceremonies in my Sacred Sanctuary in Ledbury. Each ceremony lasts for 1.5-2 hours and there is a booking fee of £25. At the end of the ceremony, there will be an envelope for you to offer a donation as an exchange of energy for the Sacred Space you have received. This enables you to make an offering that reflects the ceremony's value to you and your financial situation. The suggested donation is £50-100, however if this feels too much of a stretch for you, please  email me at

Conscious Conceiving

This ceremony supports women who wish to conceive in a sacred way and women who are finding it difficult to conceive. It begins with a herbal tea blend and space to share what is arising for her around conception. A guided visualisation will take the woman deep into her body and psyche so that she may connect to the rich fertility of Mother Earth, draw wisdom from the well within and discover any beliefs, traumas or energetic blocks that are affecting her ability to conceive. A fire ritual will enable her to release that which is ready to be released, while a craft ritual will use her hands to bring into being that which is ready to be born. She will finally walk a labyrinth, receive blessings and make an offering.

Mother Blessing

Baby showers are our culture's nod to a pre-birth ritual, however a mother blessing focuses on the mother, the journey she is due to embark on and her changing identity. It begins with a herbal tea blend and space to share what is arising for her around giving birth and becoming a mother. A guided visualisation will support her to meet any fears she may have and to discover the strength and surrender required to flow with the birth experience that is hers to have. A warm bathing ritual with optional calming herbs and salts will then relax her body and mind and gently help her shed what can be let go of ahead of her initiation. Resting deeply, she will be taken on a journey to connect with her baby, feel tenderly held and receive blessings.

Womb Closing

The processes of pregnancy and birth open our bodies, hearts and minds as we channel a new being into this world. This postpartum ceremony helps to bring reassurance, a sense of respect for the journey a mother has been on, deep rest and closure. It begins with a herbal tea blend and space to share what is arising for her around her baby's birth. A hot bath ritual with soothing herbs and salts will nurture her body, after which a a gentle womb massage will honour her and help to reduce swelling, contract her uterus and produce milk. The mother will be wrapped using fabric to physically, emotionally and energetically close her womb and pelvis and facilitate her coming back home to herself in a boundaried and grounded way. She will receive blessings and have the opportunity to give thanks. Mothers are of course welcome to bring their baby and a companion who can take care of baby and bring to her if needed.

Honouring Loss

Losing a baby at any stage during pregnancy or after birth is devastating and impacts us on every level of our being. The feeling of loss may also present itself in other ways that need healing, such as from an abortion, birthing a baby with disabilities, an unwell baby being immediately taken away, the loss of the woman's former identity, the list goes on and all feelings are welcome. This deeply reverent ceremony begins with a herbal tea blend and space to share what is arising for the woman around loss. She is then wrapped with fabric from her head all the way down to her feet, cradling and supporting her body so that she no longer has to hold it all together. A guided visualisation will connect her with Mother Earth, into whom she can release her grief, rage, guilt and any other emotions that want to flow, and can open the doorway to receiving gifts of wisdom. She will receive blessings and a ritual to honour what has passed.

Holder Holding

Mothers not only hold babies and children, but often the whole family's emotional wellbeing, day-to-day needs and long-term plans. It is much to carry and as a result of culturally not living more communally, it is a burden she may be carrying alone. This ceremony is to honour and hold the mothers who hold everyone else. It begins with a herbal tea blend and space to share what is arising for her around holding everything together. A guided visualisation will help her to access the parts of herself she may have had to numb, silence or bury in order to keep going, and to give them voice, honour them and bring them back online. A fire ritual will enable her to release her burden, while an intention-setting ritual will support bringing forth that which is ready to blossom. She will then be wrapped with fabric from head to foot and held lovingly, and will receive blessings and the space to deeply rest.



If you would like to book a ceremony for yourself or a woman you love, please fill in your details and include in the message which ceremony you would like to book and whether it is for you or someone else. I will be in touch soon with possible dates.

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