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by Gem


Sacred is when something common and everyday is made worthy of reverence and the greatest respect. It's a cup of tea and a piece of chocolate; the innocence and wonder of childhood; our cycle of bleeding, renewal and creativity, of waxing and waning; the profound right of passage of birth and becoming a mother; embracing our womanhood; becoming a crone. It's celebrating life and feeling joy. It's grieving loss and feeling despair. It's when each of us has the courage to say, 'I don't want to do this alone.' It's when your community replies, 'I see you and I love you. Let's do it together.’ 

The women's circles, ceremonies and mother and baby groups that I offer are sacred spaces in which magic unfolds. When women gather together to tap into our shared wisdom and honour our experiences, thoughts and feelings; when we are guided to trust and follow our wild, intuitive knowing; when we truly feel seen, heard and revered, we become incredibly powerful. It's as though a fire has been kindled within, bringing us a constant source of energy that shines out into the world and influences everything around us, especially our children.

'Your sacred space is where you find yourself over and over again.'

Joseph Campbell

"I had never participated in a women's circle before and was a little apprehensive and nervous trying it for the first time. Gem has a unique ability to create a safe and open space for women to come together and feel heard, loved and seen in who they are. I shared this experience with total strangers who, through Gem's guidance, felt like sisters from the moment I stepped into the circle." - Nell


Women's Circles at The Inner Place, Ledbury

Starting Sunday 13th December

Throughout history, women have been consciously or unconsciously gathering in sacred circles to share stories, laugh, grieve, heal, care for children, and spiritually connect in community. My circles create a space that supports women to access and trust in our inner guidance, and to experience a deeper connection to ourselves, to other women and to nature that our day-to-day lives often leave little room for. Join an introduction Wild Woman Project circle or an introduction Motherhood circle for mothers of all ages to share experiences and wisdom.



The Sacred Spaces that I hold are in Ledbury, Herefordshire and online, and anyone who identifies as a woman is welcome. They make it possible for mothers to benefit from the healing, authentic connection and transformation that such spaces facilitate, while creating a warm environment in which our children can witness the power of us having reverence for ourselves, for one another, for nature and for them. 

Women's Circles

Awakening our innate wisdom

- New moon circles

- Full moon circles

- Womanhood circles

- Motherhood circles

Mother & Baby Groups

Being in reverence of our children

- Space to slow down and tune in

- Inspired by nature and simplicity

- Cooking, craft and conversation

- Songs and stories

Ceremonies & Rituals

Connecting into our deepest self

- Conscious conceiving

- Mother blessing

- Womb closing

- Loss honouring

- Holder holding

- Wheel of the Year festivals


On Gathering

When we create gatherings such as this, we women reach outside of ourselves and weave a web of community: a living, breathing web of women who are blessing, teaching and supporting one another – and as a result, we help to give birth to and raise each other’s children. As women, we receive a great deal by coming together in this way. We can raise energy and strength, or provide comfort and support. We can help one another let go of the past, live fully in the present and embrace the mystery of the future. We learn to honour each other as well as ourselves, and we tap into the vibrant energy of the collective feminine spirit. By connecting on this level, we gain the power to deepen our friendships, build our communities, feed our spirits, and perhaps even, to revitalise our culture. 

From Mother Rising

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