Sacred is when something common and everyday is made worthy of reverence and the greatest respect. It's when one woman longs in her heart to be a mother and another makes a conscious choice not to be. It's when one exhausted mother births life into this world, soothes her baby at 3am and struggles to remain patient when her toddler rages, while another grieves her tragic loss. It's when each of us has the courage to say, 'I don't want to do this alone.' It's when your community replies, 'I see you, I love you and I will always have your back.’ 

The circles, ceremonies and retreats that I hold are spaces in which magic unfolds. When we women gather together to tap into our collective wisdom and honour our experiences, thoughts and feelings; when we are guided to trust and follow our wild, intuitive knowing; when we truly feel seen, heard and revered, we become incredibly powerful. We find ourselves better resourced to tend to our little ones and as we unlock our potential, energy ripples out from within us to our families and communities creating the kind of positive change we wish to see.

Women hold babes, I hold women and the Great Mama holds us all

Babes in Sacred Arms

"I had never participated in a women's circle before and was a little apprehensive and nervous trying it for the first time. Gem has a unique ability to create a safe and open space for women to come together and feel heard, loved and seen in who they are. I shared this experience with total strangers who, through Gem's guidance, felt like sisters from the moment I stepped into the circle." - Nell


Honouring extraordinary mamas

I - Gem - am a Sacred Birthkeeper, and I support the deep journey of pregnancy, birth and motherhood with practical, emotional and spiritual care. I offer 1-1 ceremonies in a sacred space in Ledbury to support pregnant mamas as they approach this profound rite of passage, and to honour mamas who have given birth. They include bathing with tailored herbs, safe space to speak aloud your hopes, fears and birth story, massage, a tea blend take home and more...


A space simply for you

Whether you join a new moon circle, a postnatal circle or a mama circle, all are containers for integrating our experiences of womanhood, for reimagining what it means to be women and mothers, for healing, for joy and for transformation. You may join a circle online or in-person, and bring your little ones or enjoy time alone. My intention is that you leave feeling revitalised, part of a wise and powerful sisterhood, and more in tune with yourself, your children and with Life.

Some of the elements I weave into my circles include...









Ceremonies offer fixed points in our hectic lives, making life feel richer and often transforming it

Life is in constant motion; everything comes and goes, and without ceremony and ritual it slips through our fingers. From mother blessings and thanksgivings for the safe arrival of babies, to grieving and honouring lost ones, the group and private ceremonies that I hold are spaces in which to pause, reflect and set clear intention. They take us beyond the everyday, helping us to focus on what really matters by reaching places where words cannot go. The symbolic rituals within a ceremony help us to access and process our thoughts, feelings and experiences, honouring that which is, that which is yet to come, and our rite of passage between the two.

"A woman's experience during pregnancy, birth and postpartum will have a lasting impact on how she feels about herself, how she mothers and the wellbeing of her baby. If we can sow seeds of kindness at the beginning of life, perhaps we can grow a world of love and trust instead of fear and alienation."

Suzanne Arms, Birthing the Future


It is the greatest honour to revere another woman

The seed for Babes in Sacred Arms was quite literally planted during my own mother blessing ceremony. I saw the profound need of the women who gathered to really be with another, to talk deeply, to cry and to belly laugh, to honour ourselves, one another and Life. It was soul medicine and I could feel how powerfully I was being called to create and hold these spaces for other birthing women. During a ritual I placed this intention represented by some wild flower seeds into the soil to take root and grow, and here we are...

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